Tuesdays Second Chance Series

Tuesdays Second Chance Series by 20 mai 2021

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”–George Santayana

Case studies are among the most powerful training tools. They allow today’s professionals to examine and analyse historic examples with the clinical perspective of hindsight and draw lessons from the actions of those who have faced challenges before them.

With this in mind, the CRIMARIO II Project is eager to present Tuesdays Second Chance, a series of webinars that are intended to bring together professionals from across the Indo-Pacific region to examine a wide variety of case studies. These cases are drawn from examples of state responses around the world to incidents at sea that have Maritime Security and Maritime Situational Awareness at their heart.

Our intention is to provide insight into these cases, present participants with the perspective available to those faced with these situations and to promote discussion. How did they react? What information was missed? Why were particular decisions made? Would we do any better or worse today?

The goal is not to critically judge the decisions made and actions taken but to understand what shaped them and evaluate whether the systems, training and capabilities available to participants today would result in a different outcome, perhaps better, perhaps not.

The cases we have chosen for the first six editions of Tuesdays Second Chance (which, by the way, will always take place on a Tuesday!) will address issues such as maritime pollution, the use of force in maritime law enforcement, operational risk management and the safe custody of suspects among others. Throughout this process we want to hear your views and opinions, your suggestions of what can improve responses to these challenges. We are looking forward to hear the different perspectives of participants and how these are shaped by their regional and national perspectives, legislation and procedures.

At the end of each edition, we will provide all participants with a summary of proceedings. Our hope is that this will serve to initiate internal discussion on the issues raised and bring the attention of national administrations to these important issues.

So join us as we take a voyage through these case studies. Let us take a second chance to examine these events and begin to understand what must be done to effectively address maritime challenges today. The CRIMARIO Team look forward to seeing you!