IORA Leaders Sign Jakarta Concord

IORA Leaders Sign Jakarta Concord

IORA Leaders Sign Jakarta Concord

by 13 March 2017

The leaders and representatives of the 21 member countries of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) have signed the Jakarta Concord at the IORA Leaders’ Summit held at the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC) today (7/3). The document titled “Promoting Regional Cooperation for a Peaceful, Stable, and Prosperous Indian Ocean” aims to lay the foundation and set the course for cooperation for the organization of Indian Ocean states in the coming years. 

In the document, the IORA states declared their commitment to promoting maritime safety in the region, enhancing trade and investment cooperation in the region, promoting sustainable fisheries management and development, enhancing disaster risk management in the region, strengthening academic, science and technology cooperation, fostering tourism and cultural exchanges, Blue Economy, and empowering women in the economy.

At this morning’s opening, President Joko Widodo affirmed that the Indian Ocean is the region of the future. The Atlantic Ocean used to be the centre of the world in the last three years it has focused on the Pacific and Indonesia believes that the Indian Ocean is poised to assume greatness,” said President Jokowi.

The President reminded that each country can further its own national interests. Nationalism, however, cannot grow without internationalism.

The presence of the IORA leaders and representatives at the Leader’ Summit shows the strong commitment of international cooperation to find various solutions and making use of opportunities.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi stated that in order to implement various priorities contained within the Jakarta Concord, the IORA states have also agreed on an Action Plan for 2017-2021 which outlines various activities related to the aforementioned priorities for the coming years and consist of various short-term, medium-term, and long-term initiatives.

In addition, the members of IORA have agreed on a Declaration on Preventing and Countering Terrorism and Violent extremism. The declaration strengthens the commitment for cooperation in combating the threat of terrorism and violent extremism, including throughcooperation and coordination, dialogue, exchange of information best practices as well s combating terrorist ideology and extremism. Countries will also disseminate positive values such as tolerance and diversity as norms for interaction in the region.

The IORA member countries consist g of the Commonwealth of Australia,  the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Union of Comoros, the Republic of India, the Republic of Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Madagascar, Malaysia, the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic Mozambique, the Sultanate of Oman, the Republic of Seychelles,  the Republic of Singapore, the Federal Republic of Somalia, the Republic of South Africa, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Kingdom of Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the Republic Yemen.

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