EU maritime security in the Indian Ocean

EU maritime security in the Indian Ocean

EU maritime security in the Indian Ocean

by 30 April 2017

Within the framework of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC), Institute for Higher National Defence Studies (IHEDN, France) organised a course dedicated to the challenges of securing maritime areas, in Brussels on 15-17 March 2017. 

With this course, participants got acquainted with diplomatic, institutional, legal and operational issues related to the implementation of the maritime security strategy of the European Union (EUMSS), adopted in 2014. It was illustrated by concrete examples in areas of strategic interests for the European Union and its Member States (Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Mediterranean area). 

Marianne Peron-Doise, CRIMARIO senior advisor, introduced the CRIMARIO project, part of the Critical maritime routes programme, alongside with the other  EU initiatives in the Indian Ocean region such as MASE, or Atalanta.

Download the presentation of CRIMARIO methodology and workplan 

Download the presentation of Critical maritime routes programme  

Download the presentation of MASE including the Djibouti Declaration on Maritime Safety and Security in ESA-IO (Djibouti, 15 May 2016) 

Link to the courses organized by ESDC and European External Actions Service.