Recruiting expertise for AIS network implementation in Comoros

Recruiting expertise for AIS network implementation in Comoros

Recruiting expertise for AIS network implementation in Comoros

by 16 July 2017

Expertise France, implementing agency of CRIMARIO, is recruiting a short term expert. Details on Expertise France website.

CRIMARIO is supporting the Union of Comoros in its will to establish a national terrestrial AIS network which data would be shared regionally.  Under the supervision of the CRIMARIO representative the short term expertise will undertake a site survey in Union of Comoros to evaluate the best options for implementing a global AIS network in the archipelago.

Description of the mission

The objective of this mission is a field survey in the Comoros islands to assess the best positioning of a limited number of AIS antennas to obtain, the most complete detection coverage possible around and within the Comoros archipelago.

The short term expertise (STE) will assess the feasibility and the efficiency of using existing communication aerials masts (notably cell phone’s) in archipelago of Union of Comoros to:

  • Support AIS passive and active antennas
  • Use the cell phone network (via a service link of the owner of the mast or a public subscription) to repatriate genuine AIS messages to a data base server based on Ngazidja.

The STE will have support from the national communication network company (Comores Télécoms) who is the owner of most of the communication aerials in the country, and from the ministry of telecommunication of Comoros. CRIMARIO would also support the STE by putting relevant historic AIS data at disposal.

In coordination with the EU CRIMARIO representative in the field, the Short-Term Expert(s) shall carry out the following specific tasks:

– The STE should identify and assess the severity of all technical problems (for example: electromagnetic compatibility, aerials and terrain masks…) that would hamper the quality of reception and emission of signal by an AIS antenna set on the selected communication masts.

– The STE should identify masts best placed to be equipped with AIS receivers (AIS reception only) or emitters (AIS reception and emission) to maximise the efficiency of the network inward and outward the archipelago, and conduct field tests to validate his estimate.

Application should be sent directly to Expertise France no later than July 23st 2017. Successful candidate(s) will be nominated end of July 2017.

Access to the offer on Expertise France website