The course on maritime domain analysis starts in Antananarivo

The course on maritime domain analysis starts in Antananarivo by 25 July 2017

CRIMARIO starts a new training on maritime data analysis. The first course is delivered in Antananarivo (Madagascar) from 24 July to 4 August 2017 for 28 participants from Comoros and Madagascar. The future analysts will deepen their knowledge of maritime domain and acquire methods of analysis for rapidly identify, understand and anticipate events incompatible with a peaceful exploitation of the sea and its resources. 

Content of the training on analysis of the maritime domain

The objective of this training, which includes three on-site sessions (MDP7, MDP8 & MDP9), is to provide all necessary knowledge to become a competent maritime sector analyst. The analyst transforms data prepared by the visualisation specialist in value added information useful for decision making.

After a quick overview of what can be requested from a visualisation specialist in data processing of maritime interest, the participants are trained to make assumptions to explain facts or trends, and to undertake necessary tests and / or investigations in order to verify or invalidate their assumptions. Thereafter, they are trained in predictive monitoring methods (definition and implementation of interpretation indicators and rules) in order to acquire the capacity to carry out a strategic analysis.

Finally, during the whole training, they acquire in-depth knowledge of the maritime domain in particular in the areas key to the role of an analyst (non exhaustive examples: vessel documents, port information flow, merchant marine in the Indian Ocean, insurance providers- P & I clubs and H & M…). This in-depth knowledge of the maritime sector will hence allow them to rapidly identify all regular suspicious/unusual behaviour beyond the peaceful and legal exercise of a maritime activity.

The conferences and workshops are led by University lecturers and professionals of the maritime sector. Laptops are used during the full training. The successful completion of the MDP7 training is mandatory to start the MDP8 session.