First training on IORIS, the platform for incident management at sea

First training on IORIS, the platform for incident management at sea by 17 April 2018

The EU CRIMARIO project supports the design and implementation of IORIS, the regional platform for information sharing and incident management in the Indian Ocean. To prepare the launch of IORIS, the first training was held in Seychelles on 16-18 April 2018, to introduce all the features and train a pool of 16 future trainers from Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

IORIS is designed to be a flexible and low tech tool, owned and managed by the region.

IORIS will be used by the regional entities in charge of maritime security, at first the two regional centres covering the ESA-IO region (Eastern and Southern Africa-Indian Ocean) following decisions of the Ministerial meeting held in Djibouti on May 15, 2016: RMIFC based in Madagascar and RCOC based in Seychelles. National agencies of the coastal countries will also benefit of the tool according to the global access policy.

IORIS main features include multiple areas (for national, regional or incident purposes), instant messaging, import from data sources (i.e. AIS) to locate vessels, navigation markers, input forms, document workflow, etc. in a secure environment.

During the three-day training, participants learned how to exploit all the functionalities of IORIS, in order to collaborate efficiently at the national and/or regional level for mastering what is going on at sea and to coordinate operations.

The training was delivered by a team from Polymorph Ltd, the company who developed the platform according to the specifications provided by CRIMARIO and the partner countries.

The first pool of 16 trainees who will in turn train their colleagues, belong to the following agencies: the two regional centres (RCOC based in Seychelles and RMFIC based in Madagascar), Mauritian Coast Guard, Kenya agencies (KMA, KPA and Kenya Navy). EU NAVFOR representative attended this session for enhancing the cooperation among the European initiatives in the field of maritime security in the Indian Ocean.

The official launch of IORIS is planned to be held in Seychelles, during the last week of August. In the  meantime, two other training sessions (level 2 and 3) will be organised in Seychelles to deepen the knowledge of the trainers before the full operationalisation of the platform. In addition, sessions in French will be held for Comoros and other countries.