Seychelles & Mauritius: certified analysts in the maritime domain

Seychelles & Mauritius: certified analysts in the maritime domain by 2 April 2019

Mauritius and Seychelles are achieving the full programme in maritime data analysis. The previous sessions were delivered in 2018 (May, June and October 2018); this fourth and final session was attended by the 14 participants who successfully completed the test following the previous sessions. They learned the alert warning process, maritime intelligence and maritime strategic challenges in the Indian Ocean; they deepened their knowledge in law of the sea, oil and gas offshore installations, and they practiced with simulation exercises.

Today they are certified “analyst in the maritime domain” after having developed their training skills and deepened their knowledge in maritime domain issues.

Seychelles attendees belong to: RCOC, Coast Guard, Police (Narcotic, financial), DRDM. Participants of Mauritius works in Mauritian Police (Coast Guard).

In the coming months, maritime cooperation will be enhanced with the utilisation and transfer of ownership of IORIS, the web platform for maritime information sharing and incident management at sea. Recently the IOC President, SE Vincent Mériton, Seychelles Vice-President has confirmed that the IOC Council of Ministers validated the transfer of IORIS ownership to IOC. Together with the RCOC staff, CRIMARIO will continue to mentor the national and regional teams in using IORIS and collaborating on a regional basis with IOC and MASE programme to ensure a clear and solid governance and administration of this tool.

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