IFC Singapore and EU CRIMARIO discuss maritime information sharing in Indian Ocean and Asia

IFC Singapore and EU CRIMARIO discuss maritime information sharing in Indian Ocean and Asia by 9 July 2020

The Information Fusion Centre (IFC) based in Changi, Singapore and EU CRIMARIO II project organised a first, productive, video-conference on the 30th June 2020, with a view to presenting briefs on their respective mission and objectives, and information-sharing tools (IRIS and IORIS). Both organisations had initial discussions on examining opportunities with a focus on complementarity of engagement in order to fill capability gaps and avoid duplication.

CRIMARIO II explained that it was currently in the beginning of its in-depth planning phase, and invited IFC to contribute to CRIMARIO II planning process given IFC’s knowledge and experience in enhancing maritime security in the South and Southeast Asia, through complementary and value added initiatives. Conversely, IFC was keen to learn about CRIMARIO II’s rich experience in the information sharing domain, in the Western Indian Ocean.

In this vein, both sides agreed that there was potential to work towards strengthening links between the eastern and western Indian Ocean regions, initially through exercises, but this could only be accomplished if there was a strong willingness from partners to engage. This was especially the case for CRIMARIO II, whose remit was to support countries and organisations improve maritime safety and security in the regions specified.


In conclusion, IFC invited CRIMARIO II to participate in upcoming IFC events, as the Shared Awareness Meeting (SAM), the Regional Maritime Security Practitioner Programme (RMPP) and Maritime Information Sharing Exercise (MARISX). CRIMARIO II thanked the IFC for invitation to this events and pledged to invest efforts on this regards.

Also in attendance for the video-conference were the French and German liaison officers to the IFC, who form part of the IFC’s staff, and are facilitating interface between CRIMARIO and IFC.

Photo legend: Map of maritime fusion centres in Indian Ocean and Asia (© IFC) and participants to IFC-CRIMARIO II videoconference