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[Video] Skills achieved during Maritime Data Analysis training

This video illustrates the skills achieved during the maritime data processing training cycle (MDP) delivered in Mombasa, Kenya by EU CRIMARIO in 2018-2019. Olivier Bézier, CRIMARIO training and capacity building component manager, introduces the whole training cycle and details the

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Training in maritime analysis contributes to a better surveillance at sea

CRIMARIO organised the final session of the training cycle dedicated to maritime data analysis for 14 participants of Kenya, Madagascar and Seychelles (13-23 May, Mombasa, Kenya). The EU CRIMARIO project has designed a complete training programme on maritime data analysis

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Seychelles & Mauritius: certified analysts in the maritime domain

Mauritius and Seychelles are achieving the full programme in maritime data analysis. The previous sessions were delivered in 2018 (May, June and October 2018); this fourth and final session was attended by the 14 participants who successfully completed the test

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