IORIS training

The IORIS web-based platform, operational since 1st July 2018, is gradually equipping regional and national maritime administrations/agencies within the Indian Ocean coastal countries.

IORIS learning curriculum

Since spring 2018, a learning curriculum for using IORIS is available, organized according different qualification levels:

Basic individual qualification: user is introduced to all commands and functionalities of the system.

Intermediate team qualification: this qualification is gained by the whole team when each team member has gained its individual qualification. At least one team member must be an IORIS admin.

Advanced team qualification: The advanced qualification is reached when the team has demonstrated his ability to handle a situation where team working is compelling to solve all problems and reach a satisfactory solution.

Trainer: Trainers can teach basic individual qualification and are also admin.

Intermediate and advanced qualifications are delivered by CRIMARIO team, while the basic qualification is delivered by the trainers.

Train the trainer, at the core

The learning curriculum started by training a first pool of trainers, able to deliver basic individual qualification in their organisation and/or country.

The first train the trainer session was organized in Seychelles on April 2018 for 16 participants, and delivered by Polymorph Ltd, the IT company who developed the platform. The participants received the user handbook, explaining all the functionalities; after this session, they have been mentored by the two CRIMARIO component managers, Olivier Bézier (training component) and David Nattrass (information sharing component).

This pool of trainers is coming from Kenya (KMA, KPA and Navy), Madagascar (RMIFC), Mauritius (Coast Guard), and Seychelles (RCOC, DRDM, Coast Guard, NISCC).

Training organisation

The training agenda is defined between the CRIMARIO focal point, and CRIMARIO training component manager (Olivier Bézier) in close collaboration with the two regional centres and the national agencies involved in maritime security.

The first group of partner countries includes Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles.

A second group of countries is joining the IORIS learning, within the framework of Cutlass Express exercice (CE19), coordinated by USNAVAF: Djibouti, Mozambique, Somalia and Tanzania.


On 30 October 2018, 3 basic sessions have been conducted towards 36 trainees (see the article), delivered by the pool of trainers. One intermediate level session was organised with the RCOC team in Seychelles.

Access to the whole list of training sessions.