From April 29 to May 2, 2019, Olivier Bézier organized and conducted training session for some twenty officers of the new National Maritime Information Fusion Centre of the Union of the Comoros.

The session included a practical module on the law of the sea, and basic training using the IORIS information sharing and crisis management platform. Fortunately during the training, a real case of assistance to the sea (a dhow with engine failure en route to Tanzania) was declared: IORIS was therefore used for the first time in operation, at the great satisfaction of the Comorian agencies involved in the action of the State at sea. The last day of the training was therefore modified accordingly and Mr. Abdoul-had Mouhoussoune, Head of the Security and Safety Department at the National Agency of Maritime Affairs (ANAM), brilliantly exposed to all the trainees the measures taken by the Comorian authorities and how IORIS was utilized for managing this crisis at sea.

A few hours after the cyclone Kenneth on the Comoros archipelago and its huge destructions, CRIMARIO also came at the right time to offer computer equipment for the benefit of this new maritime centre. The director of the Centre, Mr. Fahmy, has received this material worth € 3,000, which he said “particularly welcome as the center is growing up”, and warmly thanked the representative of CRIMARIO, Mr. Olivier Bézier, training and capacity building component manager.