In order to mobilize national, regional and international partners in favor of maritime security and safety, the Indian Ocean Commission, mandated by its extraordinary Council of Ministers in October 2017, is organizing a Ministerial Conference on Maritime Security in the Western Indian Ocean from 26 to 29 April 2018 in Mauritius.

Maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean Basin is a major challenge for sustainable development throughout Eastern and Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean (ESA-IO). The multiplicity of threats, crimes and offenses at sea undermine political stability, economic growth, social progress and the preservation of natural environments and resources. The answer to these challenges, be it piracy, drug trafficking, terrorist threat, illegal fishing or pollution at sea, can only be collective. No Regional States can control the vast EEZ by itself. 

The support of the international community is therefore necessary. It is even legitimate insofar as the western Indian Ocean, crossed by international shipping routes, is an area of common interests.

This Conference aims to give new impetus to concrete collaborations for the long-term security of the vast maritime areas of the ESA-OI region in full compliance with the conventions and strategies in force.

See the full agenda of this major conference in the Indian Ocean Commission website: senior officials meeting on 26-27 April followed by the Ministerial Conference on maritime security on 28-29 April and the preparatory meeting of CGPCS plenary session on 30 April.