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Tuesdays Second Chance: Cas des marées noires

Replay of the webinar held on 28 September in association with the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) EU CRIMARIO and National Maritime Foundation speakers have presented oil spill case studies for drawing lessons learnt and discussing with participants from the potential

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Tuesdays Second Chance: Narcotics Interdiction

Recording of the webinar held on 6 July 2021. Case study of M/Y Simon de Danser. The rationale was: Every day our maritime security agencies are called upon to interdict the trafficking of illicit narcotics at sea. Many times these

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Tuesdays Second Chance Series

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”–George Santayana Case studies are among the most powerful training tools. They allow today’s professionals to examine and analyse historic examples with the clinical perspective of hindsight and draw lessons

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