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Tuesdays Second Chance: Narcotics Interdiction

Recording of the webinar held on 6 July 2021. Case study of M/Y Simon de Danser. The rationale was: Every day our maritime security agencies are called upon to interdict the trafficking of illicit narcotics at sea. Many times these

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CRIMARIO se déploie en Asie du Sud avec la National Maritime Foundation

CRIMARIO is launching itself remotely by region and was fortunate enough to be welcomed to South Asia through a webinar co-organised with the National Maritime Foundation (NMF) through the lead and moderation of Vice Admiral (Retd) Pradeep Chauhan. The webinar,

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Participez aux webinaires CRIMARIO série #1

La phase de démarrage venant de s’achever, l’équipe du projet CRIMARIO II organise une série de webinaires à l’intention des décideurs, des experts du secteur maritime et des gestionnaires des centres maritimes des pays de l’océan Indien occidental. Ils seront

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