New Zealand and CRIMARIO cooperate to boost maritime safety and security

On the 13 of June, the New Zealand Ministry of Transport, representing the 11 agencies of the New Zealand Maritime Security Oversight Committee signed a partnership agreement with CRIMARIO. This agreement aims to facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration at sea at both national and regional levels. Both parties recognise the need to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness in the Indo-Pacific region through information and data-sharing. The partnership was signed by Audrey Sonerson,...

CRIMARIO, in collaboration with the Maritime Information Fusion Center (MIFC) Madagascar, is organizing a Workshop on Maritime Crisis Management (GCM) from May 27 to 31. The workshop aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the staff responsible for crisis management within ministerial departments and national agencies that contribute to State Action at Sea. Additionally, it seeks to develop a maritime crisis management strategy tailored to Malagasy means and particularities. By the end of...

Seizure of Weapon Shipment and Arrest of Weapon Smugglers with the help of IORIS

The Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully intercepting a shipment of weapons and apprehending four weapon smugglers. This operation was made possible through credible intelligence received at the PMPF headquarters, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of intelligence-driven policing in tackling illicit activities. Over the past two months, the PMPF's efforts have consistently thwarted attempts to bring illegal weapons into...

Philippine agencies exercise together to consolidate coordination in ensuring safer and more secure seas

On the 25 and 26 of April, the Philippine National Maritime Centre (NM Center), with the support of CRIMARIO coordinated the second iteration of the large-scale interagency Tabletop and Field Training Exercise ALALAYAN 2024. Organized and took place in Palawan, the exercise saw the participation of 22 agencies from the Philippines; it aimed to test and enhance the interoperability among national and local agencies and demonstrate their capability to coordinate and render support in identifying...

BALINN24: working together to enhance regional coordination and information sharing for safer and more secure seas

Between the 22 and the 25 of April, 22 agencies from 9 countries (Comoros, Djibouti, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius Mozambique, Reunion, Seychelles, Tanzania), including two Regional Centres (Regional Centres: RCOC Regional Coordination Operation Centre, RMIFC (Regional Maritime Information Fusion Centre), and EUNAVFOR Atalanta participated in the Tabletop / command Post exercise “BALINN2024”. Co-organised by CRIMARIO and the Indian Ocean Commission, the exercise was designed to be a dynamic and...

Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and France together for a Tabletop / Command Post Exercise

CRIMARIO organised seventeen exercises in 2023, enhancing partners’ collective response capabilities and operational readiness in various maritime scenarios. Building on this success and understanding, CRIMARIO organised a virtual maritime domain awareness exercise in Latin America from 18 to 22 March of this year. The Tabletop / Command Post Exercise involved Colombia (Navy, Pacific and Caribbean Commands), Ecuador (Coastguard, Navy), France (Navy, Pacific command), and Peru (Coastguard) and...


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Maritime Security: EU to become an observer of the Djibouti Code of Conduct/Jeddah Amendment

The EU will soon become a ‘Friend’ (i.e., observer) of the Djibouti Code of Conduct/Jeddah...

Security and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea: EU Council launches EUNAVFOR ASPIDES

The EU Council launched today EUNAVFOR ASPIDES. The objective of this defensive maritime security...

Maritime Security: EU updates Strategy to safeguard maritime domain against new threats

On the 10th of March, the European Commission and the High Representative adopted a Joint...

MICA center annual report is out

Download the report here

Maritime Security: MICA Center Annual Review

[Source: MICA Center] For this new edition, the Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness...

Questions and answers: a background for the Strategic Compass

[Source: European External Action Service] The European Union and its Member States face multiple...



To enhance information exchange and analysis, and strengthen inter-agency cooperation in the Indo Pacific region, the CRIMARIO II project has developed an information sharing tool named IORIS and a framework to link existing information exchange systems named SHARE.IT, both available to all maritime agencies in the Indo Pacific region.
The project also organises training courses on law enforcement and maritime safety, as well as exercises to practice inter-agency work cooperation at regional and national levels.


The Indo Pacific Regional Information Sharing (IORIS) platform is a secure and neutral, web-based, maritime coordination and information-sharing tool for national and regional multi-agency use.


SHARE.IT was developed within the project to link existing information – exchange systems, and in this way facilitate the exchange of information and data among different Centres in a structured, secure and sustainable manner.

Maritime Safety and Security Training

The development of the blue economy requires the control of crimes and incidents at sea. In response, the CRIMARIO II project advocates regional cooperation and inter-agency coordination and offers its partners in the Indo-Pacific the option to receive tailor-made training packages, designed to meet the specific needs of individual countries.


Exercises are perhaps the most powerful training tool available to prepare personnel, administrations and governments to confront the vast spectrum of maritime safety and security challenges, in today’s complex world.



Mission and objectives


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