IORIS: The Maritime Operational Coordination & Communications Platform for the Indo-Pacific

The Indo Pacific Regional Information Sharing (IORIS) platform is a secure and neutral, web-based, maritime coordination and information-sharing tool for national and regional multi-agency use. In its primary function, IORIS provides maritime centres with a means to jointly plan and coordinate maritime operations, including crisis/incident management, offering enhanced information-sharing functions and strengthening inter-agency collaboration at national and regional levels. The platform also offers additional surveillance functionalities.

IORIS functions are flexible and can be adapted to the mandate and role of a specific centre or organisation, from communications, to geographic displays and the provision of satellite AIS data. Dedicated areas are tailor-made to manage day-to-day information-sharing and the coordination and monitoring of maritime safety and security operations, amongst civilian agencies and/or military users, depending on the needs.

IORIS incorporates the latest encrypted technologies for ensuring a robust level of security and privacy; it is only accessible to authorised users / centres / administrations designated by partner countries, maritime centres and regional organisations.

A training programme, delivered by a pool of certified instructors, ensures the smooth deployment and functioning of each individual platform.

At present 50 national and regional maritime agencies from 23 countries and organisations across the Indo-Pacific use the IORIS platform.