Celebrating Women in Maritime

On this Women in Maritime Day, I am proud to celebrate the achievements of women in the maritime industry and their vital role in this sector.

As an IORIS instructor, I am particularly pleased to highlight the essential role that the IORIS system plays in supporting maritime safety and security and the contribution of women in its implementation. The IORIS system is an essential tool that enables countries to share information and improve collaboration on maritime security issues. The system also plays a crucial role in promoting safe and secure shipping, combating piracy, and protecting the marine environment. As an IORIS instructor, I have seen firsthand the value of this system, and the difference it can make in enhancing maritime safety and security. As we celebrate women in this day women in maritime, it is important to applaud the dedication, the hard work, and the contribution of women in maritime safety and security, and the success of the IORIS system. I applaud and encourage women to pursue career in the maritime sector to improve their skills and expertise because it is needed. I wish all the women in maritime sector a happy women in maritime day!