How can SHARE.IT contribute to maritime security in the Indo Pacific region?

Shanaka Jayasekara, Programme Coordinator (South East Asia and the Pacific), Global Maritime Crime Programme (GMCP), UNODC tells us how SHARE.IT can contribute to maritime security in the region.

The SHARE.IT concept is something very innovative, and as the global maritime crime programme of UNODC, it has been a privilege to be part of this whole process from the very start. SHARE.IT provides an opportunity from multiple maritime information systems to communicate with each other and share information. In the maritime domain, where information is critical, multiple countries and information fusion centres speaking to each other, sharing information is vital to ensure that there is a seamless connectivity of information and transfer of information. We have been working very closely with EU CRIMARIO to develop this idea and bring it into fruition. We see this as an essential need currently in the maritime security sector and look forward to its success moving forward.