How can SHARE.IT increase the reliability of the information exchanged between agencies?

Commander St├ęphan Litzler, EU Liaison Officer to the Singapore Information Fusion Centre.

In my opinion, the SHARE.IT initiative aims at enforcing, on a technical basis, the questions of trust between the different stakeholders, as it is one of the main issues that can hamper their will to exchange data.
It enables also to ensure a form of reliability of the data that are exchanged, as it gives the time to crosscheck each element and thus ensure the veracity of its details, either before the sharing or through the building of a consistent and robust image of the considered incident or event through the different exchanges that are performed between the stakeholders.
Considering both my background as a French Navy officer and my current position as an international liaison officer to the Information Fusion Centre in Singapore for the EU and for France, the concept and the system could be used in building the trust to tackle many transnational and non-traditional security threats, such as IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing or illicit goods smuggling, as well as illegal migration monitoring.