Women in maritime: fulfilling and empowering.

For women in Maritime Mary Liezl Barbero, Philippine Coast Guard Commander tells us about her experience working in the maritime sector.

“Women empowerment is very important, particularly in the maritime sector. Everyone understands the touch of a mother, as the mother takes care of the family. So when a woman works in the maritime sector, like me in the Coast Guard, it’s like giving a touch of motherhood to the work. You are given an opportunity to flourish, not only as a mother, but also as a person and as a member of a community. When I entered the service I really wanted to provide service to the Filipino people, and I come from a family of seafarers. So my passion really reflects how the maritime sector has developed me as a person and as a mother. It has helped not only in my career, but also in terms of social perceptions. That’s why I named my son after the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, because of my passion for the maritime sector I named him UNLOCS. So when it comes to empowerment it is really important for a woman to feel appreciated, a woman to be given opportunity to be excellent in the thing that a woman wants to do. I really love my job! Even if I had a lot of hard times at work, whenever I see the fruits of my labour, how my agency appreciates the work that I have done, it is not only fulfilling but it also gives this feeling of gratitude, feeling of fulfilment and empowerment. So thank you for the chance Philippine Coast Guard!”