The Association of African Maritime Administrations (AAMA) hold its 3rd annual conference on 19 April to 21 April in Abuja (Nigeria). This conference was organised by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) in conjunction with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Expected Outcomes

1. Adoption of resolutions on the institutionalization of July 25th of every year as Africa’s Day of the Seas and Oceans

2. Finalization and adoption of AAMA Constitution

3. Resolution on member State to ratify, domesticate and implement relevant international maritime treaties

4. Commitment on best practices on Port State and Flag State responsibilities

5. Resolution on collaborative efforts in the training of Cadets

6. Determine the role of Regulatory Agencies and Facilitation of Maritime Trade

7. Election of substantive chair of AAMA

8. Frequency on the holding of conferences

9. Host for the next conference.

According to the communiqué,  the IMO will support, when possible, regular meetings of heads of maritime administrations in Africa at frequencies to be determined by the association.

The communiqué urged members to re-enforce regional cooperation and coordination, enhance information sharing and regulatory governance, to combat the menace of piracy and other maritime crimes.

NIMASA has been elected Chairman of AAMA with an 11-member executive committee comprising representatives of Central Africa (Cameroun and Cape Verde), West Africa (Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana) and East Africa (Tanzania and Comoros). Others are Southern Africa (Mozambique and South Africa), North Africa (Egypt and Sudan) and Uganda representing land-locked countries.

Access to the communiqué published on Business Today

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