The EU funded CRIMARIO project was mentioned as an example of concrete cooperation between authorities and agencies in the maritime domain during the Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum, which was held in Brussels on the 2 of February.

The Indo -Pacific Ministerial Forum is an annual high-level meeting, now in its third edition, aiming at further enhancing the partnerships between the EU and the countries of the Indo-Pacific.

Chaired by Josep Borrell Fontelles, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/ Vice-President of the European Commission, the event brought together around 70 participants from the EU institutions, EU Member States, Indo-Pacific countries, and a number of regional organisations from across the Indo-Pacific, from the East coast of Africa to the Pacific Island states.

The Forum highlighted the importance of maritime security for safe trading routes and the collective prosperity and well-being of both regions.
The discussions underscored the necessity of enhancing cooperation in maritime security to ensure the safe passage of goods and foster an environment conducive to economic growth and sustainable development. This collaboration is seen as a cornerstone for mutual prosperity, emphasising the strategic significance of the Indo-Pacific region to global commerce and stability.

As mentioned in the final statement: “The EU has also continued to support maritime domain awareness through the CRIMARIO II project and its IORIS (Indo-Pacific Regional Information Sharing) platform. This secure platform can support national and regional maritime information sharing. In 2023, IORIS was used for several maritime exercises in the Indo-Pacific – between the Philippines and France (March); and for the Philippines Interagency Exercise (August and November); the Live Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (November); and the Pacific Island Exercises (March). In September 2023, the Philippine Marina and Coast Guard signed a collaborative agreement with CRIMARIO concerning the use of IORIS. CRIMARIO’s instructors have shared their expertise in new countries through Foundation and Advanced courses, introducing IORIS to South Africa, Thailand, and Pacific Islands via the Pacific Fusion Centre.”

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