Familiarising the maritime industry with CRIMARIO and its tools is paving the way towards establishing IORIS as a tool for security, safety and port operations for the maritime community. In this vein, CRIMARIO participated throughout the year in various meetings and engaged with representatives of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), Oil Companies International Maritime Forum (OCIMF), Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), International Association of Independent Tankers Owners (INTERTANKO) and International Association of Dry Cargo Owners (INTERCARGO), as well as IMB and NATO Shipping Centre, at Industry Strategic Meeting in the EU Delegation in London.

Considering the latest developments in the legal context for EUNAVFOR Atalanta operations inside Somali Territorial Water (TTW), and the suppression of the High-Risk Area in the West Indian Ocean, CRIMARION introduced a pilot project to use to support Atalanta monitor World Food Programme (WFP) Time-Chartered Vessel delivering humanitarian aid to Somalia. The project enabled the creation of a new IORIS Community Area, including WFP ships, EUNAVFOR Atalanta Joint Operation Centre and Force Head Quarters (FHQ). This project was fully endorsed by the WFP Headquarters in Rome and the EUNAVFOR Atalanta Operation Commander. This involved IORIS being used by the merchant vessel aboard MV Dolores during her transit from the port of Mombasa (Kenya) to Bossaso (Somalia). IORIS was the real-time channel of communication, which facilitated warnings/alerts in case of incidents. It also reported incidents to increase the master’s situational awareness at the regional level.

In October, in the context of support to the Shipping Industry at strategic level, CRIMARIO participated in the European Commission Shipowners Association (ECSA) Policy Group in Copenhagen.

In line with CRIMARIO’s full commitment to the safety and security of the seafarers, the project contributed to establishing and consolidate links between the shipping industry and IFC Peru.