On the 21 and 22 of February maritime agencies from Palau and the Philippines joined a tabletop / command post exercise using IORIS, a secure and neutral, web-based maritime coordination and information-sharing tool for national and regional multi-agency use developed by CRIMARIO.
 During the exercise, participants were invited to implement national procedures and operations as necessary, to respond to simulated incidents at sea, taking into account available capabilities and real-time weather conditions (weather, sea state, readiness of their assets).
The primary goals of the TTX, conducted using IORIS, was to:
 –  Practice interagency work at regional and national level.
 –  Test Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) to cope with such a situation.
 –  Practice the use of the IORIS maritime coordination tool
 –  Monitor and advise of the decision-making process dealing with major incidents at sea
 –  Support drafting of SOPs where these are non-existent.
The exercise simulated a real-life environment through the triggering of a series of events during the TTX/CPX, over two days. The main events were related to the presence of suspect vessels which activities were not clearly defined in the Area of Interest of Philippines and Palau as outlined by both parties.
During these exercises, both countries’ forces were able to hone their communications procedures in typical maritime security situations.
Participants recognised the importance of IORIS as a tool that promotes cooperation with other coastal states, much needed in addressing global maritime challenges, and the importance of acting together to be successful.