On the 20 and 21 March 2023, eleven maritime Philippines agencies met in Manila and agreed to create a National IORIS Governance structure, to best serve the operational interests of the Philippines, IORIS being a neutral and secure information exchange and maritime coordinate platform serving the needs of national agencies across the Indo-Pacific.

Once established, the structure would allow the Philippines to be integrated into the wider IORIS Communitybeing developed, to address maritime challenges, with the twofold objective being to facilitate enhanced exchange of information with regional partners, whilst also ensuring for the long-term implementation and sustainability of the platform. 

Philippines’ maritime agencies have received extensive training on the IORIS platform since 2021, and its use has harmonised inter-agency information flows, promoted collaboration and trust, and enhanced interoperability amongst one another ever since.

With the creation of the IORIS National Governance Structure, the signatory agencies agreed to become active members of the IORIS National Board, assuring the proper functionality of the platform at national and regional level, to best serve the operational needs of its users, remaining aligned with the tool’s fundamental objectives: interconnecting maritime agencies/authorities, at national and regional level, to better address maritime security and safety challenges nationally and in the Indo-Pacific region, also supporting sustainable fisheries.

Closing the event, Martin Cauchi-Inglott, CRIMARIO project director said: “Philippines has been at the forefront of welcoming IORIS to the region, the action even commencing with intensity when COVID was at its peak. Philippines is now set to lead the way in taking ownership of IORIS, allowing itself to drive the process internally, and bridge to external partners whenever it deems necessary. My hearty congratulations go to these most professional maritime agencies coming on board.”