The CFIM (Maritime Information Fusion Center), brings together the State authorities involved at sea (Naval Forces, Port Authorities, Search and Rescue Centre, Fisheries Surveillance, Environment, Gendarmerie, Police, Customs, etc.). Created in 2015 under the authority of the Prime Minister, the CFIM centralises all maritime data and processes it in order to alert to potential or actual risks or threats.

From 15 to 19 November, the staff of CFIM and maritime organisations (Naval Forces Command, MRCC / JRCC, Fisheries Monitoring Centre, OLEP, Gendarmerie, Counter-Terrorism Service) were trained on the IORIS platform by Patrick Rakotondravao, IORIS instructor of the CRIMARIO project. The participants were able to consolidate their knowledge and master the advanced functions related to the administration of the tool.

At the end of the session, the participants took part in a practical crisis management exercise based on a fire on board a fishing boat. They were able to see the added value of such a platform to exchange and collaborate between the various maritime agencies.

In addition, from 6 to 10 December, Patrick Rakotondravao trained a pool of future IORIS trainers who will in turn be able to support their colleagues in using the platform as a tool for inter-agency coordination.