Between the 5 and the 9 of February, 2024 CRIMARIO II instructors, including CRIMARIO’s Regional Representative Admiral (Ret’d) Piyal De Silva, former Commander of the Navy, organised a regional SOP workshop in Sri Lanka, which was attended by officers from the Sri Lanka Navy, the Coast Guard, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, as well as officers from the Bangladesh Navy, the Maldivian National Defence Force and the Maldivian Transport and Civil Aviation Department.

The three South Asian countries had previously participated in IORIS training courses in 2023 and had showed interest in utilising the platform for information sharing, demonstrating that the usage of the tool has become increasingly important, especially in a regional context.

This workshop had the objective of setting the scene towards enabling the implementation of the Regional IORIS Standard Operating Procedures, in order to maximise optimum use of IORIS at the regional level, leveraging on the platform effective features.

After receiving IORIS refresher training, officials gained a profound understanding of the critical role that IORIS plays in elevating Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) and enhancing coordination within the region, to deter illicit activities and promote stability and prosperity in the whole area.

Throughout the workshop, emphasis was placed on fostering trust and interoperability among participants, to ensure seamless coordination during maritime operations and emergencies, also advancing regional cooperation and capacity building efforts in the Indian Ocean.