Peer learning provides an opportunity for participants to share and discuss diverse perspectives, for a more well-rounded understanding of a topic.

Moreover, the process facilitates collaboration and teamwork and helps build valuable skills, much needed when one operates out at sea.

CRIMARIO values peer learning and each year instructors and country representatives offer Train-the-Trainer workshops in different countries of the Indo-Pacific.

At the beginning of February, an IORIS workshop was carried out in Mozambique, at INAMAR, the Maritime Authority responsible for Fisheries, Pollution and Search and Rescue in the country.

The particularity of this workshop being that it was performed by local trainers, all Mozambique Navy officials, who were previously trained on IORIS by CRIMARIO instructors.

The Navy officials explained the information sharing tool to their peers, bringing on board their knowledge and practical experience.

The successful completion of the workshop also affirmed the importance of inter-organisational learning and teamwork in handling complex challenges in maritime security.

As Candido Roberto Manhique, General Director of INAMAR, underlined: “I am pleased to say that INAMAR (National Institute of the Sea) feels very happy to have this opportunity to operate the IORIS platform in the country, as it offers great advantages to INAMAR, as it is responsible for maritime safety, prevention and the fight against maritime pollution and maritime inspection. IORIS comes at the right time for us, as INAMAR is being restructured and needs support both nationally and internationally. When IORIS is fully operational in INAMAR, it will be an even greater benefit for the country as a whole, because we are going to share information inside and outside Mozambique. Regarding Mozambique, we are talking about the agencies we are working with: the Navy, the Maritime Police and other entities that have interests at sea. IORIS is a great opportunity because we are going to share information that will help us to solve problems that may eventually occur, related to maritime pollution, as well as maritime safety, in the field of Search and Rescue and other aspects that we consider important to control, and to which IORIS provides real-time support.”

The workshop demonstrates the primary benefit of building a robust network of maritime security professionals capable of matching local and regional challenges based on shared experiences and cooperation.

This IORIS training, organised by the Mozambique Navy for INAMAR, boosts maritime security awareness, leverages teamwork, and enhances local expertise, in an effort to jointly tackle maritime challenges.

The creation of a strong network of security professionals starts with bringing people together.