The Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully intercepting a shipment of weapons and apprehending four weapon smugglers. This operation was made possible through credible intelligence received at the PMPF headquarters, demonstrating the power and effectiveness of intelligence-driven policing in tackling illicit activities.

Over the past two months, the PMPF’s efforts have consistently thwarted attempts to bring illegal weapons into Puntland communities. These weapons, often intended for use by various groups, are now under thorough investigation, which further strengthens maritime security and helps curb illegal activities in the region.

In the words of PMPF ” Our gratitude goes to EUCAP Somalia and CRIMARIO for providing the tools andsupport necessary for monitoring maritime movements through the IORIS platform. This system facilitates information exchange among relevant maritime agencies, both domestic and international, bolstering our ongoing operations. Additionally, the IORIS platform has been instrumental in tracking and intercepting boats and ships engaged in illegal activities in our region”.

CRIMARIO will keep working with PMPF, EUCAP Somalia and the international community to address piracy-related security threats, ensuring safe maritime traffic and trade, committed to protecting Puntland Somalia waters and preventing illegal operations, as we strive to ensure the safety and security of the sea, ports, and the community at large.


NB: Exact timing, locations and details of arrests, items seized are being withheld in order to ensure ongoing operational security of further investigations