This past week marked an important and necessary moment in enhancing maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Aden/Horn of Africa region as the project conducted a comprehensive regional exercise. Our dedicated participants from the Jordanian Maritime Authority, Royal Jordanian Navy, Yemen Maritime Affairs Authority, and Oman Maritime Security Centre showcased exemplary teamwork and proficiency in leveraging IORIS features.

In the simulated scenario, which involved an Omani-flagged vessel attacked and hijacked by pirates. At the same time, on its way from Aqaba to Muscat, the operators navigated through multiple maritime challenges, such as Search and Rescue (SAR) and Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS), with precision. Using IORIS features, particularly the simulation and satellite AIS layers, proved instrumental in addressing such complex situations.

This week, from an IORIS refresher to engaging discussions and a thorough debrief, emphasised the project’s commitment to effective information sharing across the Indo-Pacific region. The collective efforts demonstrated by dedicated users underscore the invaluable role of IORIS in facilitating real-time collaboration and response.