The Netherlands warship, Evertsen, during a recent deployment into the Indo-Pacific region, while escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth on her maiden deployment during OP FORTIS 21, provided feedback on the access and use of the IORIS platform.

“The IORIS platform offers a solution for national and regional partners, primarily in the Indian Ocean region, for coordinating maritime operations. It standardizes and facilitates the manner in which specific incidents can be treated and communicated and provides the right tools to initiate actions such as search and rescue operations. Detailed and enhanced data can be shared between partners. While exercising in the Indian Ocean HNLMS Evertsen monitored the system. Although the platform is under development, it already shows great potential in easing all kinds of maritime operations and the method of communicating between various partners. The Netherlands is very keen to support maritime safety in the Indo-Pacific region.

This could be an example of how the EU’s coordinated maritime presence could develop under the umbrella of the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, said Christophe Manet, First Counsellor, Head of Political Affairs, Delegation of the European Union to India.

The IORIS Team welcomes feedback which allows us to continue to develop the platform to meet user needs. Any feedback on the user experience of the platform is analysed as we endeavour to shape the future development of the IORIS platform.