Between 7 to 18 November 2016, ten professionals of Comoros have intensively handled data from AIS sources, processing them with spreadsheet, database, and mapping software (GIS). With these very good IT skills, they are able to select the relevant data, map the vessel movements, and analyze their trajectories. They will now be able to identify suspicious behavior, verify and share it at national and/or regional level and then alert the relevant officials.

After this second training session organised by CRIMARIO in Comoros, some participants, who succeeded in post tests, will be selected for becoming trainers; for that purpose, they will receive specific training in the first half 2017 Madagascar.

The ten participants belong to several maritime agencies of Comoros : ANAM (National Agency pf Maritime Affairs), Comoros Port Authority (Moroni, Mutsamudu, Fomboni), Comoros Coast Guard and Civil Security Directorate.